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2nd of April 2011
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Legend & short description:

Green= Strong signal
Yellow= Acceptable signal.
Red= Weak signal.

 EcIo= Energy per Chip over Interference.
  As a general rule:
   EcIo is considered good if -10dB < EcIo < -2dB.
   EcIo is acceptable if -16dB < EcIo < -10dB.
   EcIo is weak if ECIo < -16dB
 RSSI=Received Signal Strength Indicator
   RSSI is considered good if RSSI > -80dBm,
   RSSI is acceptable if -95dBm < RSSI < -80dBm,
   RSSI is weak if RSSI < -95dBm.
 RSCP=Received Signal Code Power.
  RSCP can only be judged according to RSSI and EcIo.
  In any point on the map (for a specific Scrambling Code and a specific DL UARFCN) following equation is true: RSSI=RSCP-EcIo (in dB)


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